People have been reupholstering furniture for centuries now mainly because it was less expensive to re-cover an item rather than dispose of it and replace it. This is still true today in some aspects, especially with regards to new furniture.  Many people will question if it’s worth it to reupholster your old furniture, or purchase new furniture. New furniture that compares in price to an upholstery job is usually of much lower quality overall than a decent piece being reupholstered.

Most new furniture now is made out of synthetic fabrics, cardboard, chipboard, and the lowest end types of foam. Furniture like this has an approximate life span of three to five years depending on use, and one of our most common types of repairs to furniture include changing foam in new (and fairly new) sofa sets, and repairs to the external fabric. The foam in these types of furniture only has a five year rating for use, however high end foam can be fifteen to twenty-five years of use or more.

When you look at really what the cost is to purchase a new sofa or chair, and compare it to how much it would cost to reupholster, you need to also understand that most people only re-cover mid to high end furniture pieces. When you compare it to how much it would cost to make an exact duplicate, or reupholster, you will find that the cost of new high end furniture is far more expensive then getting a piece redone. The real wood frame alone for most furniture can be more expensive than reupholstering.

On average furniture which has been re-covered properly can last twenty years or longer, while the life span of new low end furniture only lasts a few years, in the long run you really end up spending much more buying new furniture every time than the cost of having it redone. (Don’t forget about the hassles of having to get rid of old furniture, and bringing in the new ones. Plus repairs and changes after.)

It is also fairly common for people to find old furniture and contact us to have it redone, so if there is a special piece of furniture out there you want, keep an eye out for an old beat up version. At Classic Drapery & Upholstery we are able to restore most types of furniture including re-covering expensive La-Z-Boy pieces.


At Classic Drapery & Upholstery we have a huge assortment of upholstery fabrics, as well as several types of foam from extra soft to ultra firm to match exactly what you want for appearance and comfort. We will re-cover just about anything you ask us (including making custom head boards for beds!) except for car interiors.

All the work is done in-house at our main location and is not subcontracted, so you can be assured that the price you pay is a great deal every time.

We offer FREE pick-up and delivery of your furniture, and also have free consultation in-store or at home with free estimates. Please call us to take advantage and to book an appointment for your in-home consultation, or visit us anytime.

If you want to see some of our fine craftsmanship, please visit our gallery, it is full of customer pieces and pictures of work we have done.

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